We are making different types of designs. We can edit video's but we are also making logos, banners and thumbnails. Our designs are paid, but in special cases we make an exception. We dont work with per design payment but with plans. Further information of that is below.


You can get designs by buying tokens. You can get tokens when you buy a plan. When you got a token you can redeem them for designs (Video Editing, Logo, Banner, Thumbnail). When you redeemd the token it will be finished in 1 or 2 days, depends on what plan you got.


Below you got different kinds of plans which you can choose from.

Risus [€2]

Finished in 2 days or less
High quality
2 Design Tokens

Turpis [€3]

Finished in 1 day or less
High Quality
4 Design Tokens

Lorem [5€]

Finished in 1 day or less
High Quality
6 Design Tokens

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else you wont recieve your tokens!